HD Stainless Locking Tie

HD Stainless Locking Tie

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  • 304 stainless steel locking ties

  • 0.010" thick

  • The heavy duty tie features 45% more gripping power

  • Great for heavy duty applications

Part No Description
HD35114 5/16 w x 10 in (25 Pack)
HD35115 5/16 w x 10 in (50 Pack)
HD35118 5/16 w x 20 in (25 Pack)
HD35119 5/16 w x 20 in (50 Pack)
HD35120 5/16 w x 33 in (25 Pack)
HD35121 5/16 w x 33 in (50 Pack)
HD35122 5/16 w x 47 in (25 Pack)
HD35123 5/16 w x 47 in (50 Pack)

Our stainless steel locking ties are the easiest and best way to fasten any type of high temperature insulation on an exhaust system. It can also be used in any application where high strength fastener is needed. Easy to use; no bands or buckles required! Simply pull the tail end through the head and tighten, just like plastic wire ties. There are no sharp edges and are easy to handle. The low profile makes them ideal for any tight fit application. 304 stainless steel tie, with 45% more gripping power than most ties available on the market!. Both come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs, and they both have a thickness of .010"

Required equipment: gloves, needle nose pliers, and diagonal pliers

  • Identify the tail and heat of the stainless steel locking tie (Figure 1)
  • Wrap tie around components to be secured, and push tail through the head (Figure 2)
  • Pull tail through head (Figure 3)
  • Use needle nose pliers to coil or wind the tie into itself (Figure 4)
  • Use diagonal pliers to cut of excess (Figure 5)

Install Stainless Locking Tie

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