Hot Rod Sleeve

Fix Vapor Lock and Shield Wire Heat with Hot Rod Sleeve

  • Special weave allows heat sleeve expand and contract over fittings and terminals

  • Prevents vapor lock on fuel lines

  • The wire protection sleeve shields wire looms and fluid lines from heat

  • Non-flammable

  • Available on 10’ and 100’ rolls

  • Reflects and dissipates heat

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
204011 3/8 id x 10 ft Roll 819825010718
204012 1/2 id x 10 ft Roll 819825010725
204013 1/4 id x 10 ft Roll 819825014259
204014 3/4 id x 10 ft Roll 819825010732
204018 1 id x 10 ft Roll 819825010749
204101 3/8 id x 100 ft Roll 819825010756
204102 1/2 id x 100 ft Roll 819825010763
204104 3/4 id x 100 ft Roll 819825010770
204108 1 id x 100 ft Roll 819825010787
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Fix vapor lock, protect wire harnesses, and protect clutch cables with this amazing heat shield sleeve. Our Hot Rod Sleeve is a thermal tube capable of withstanding 1,100 degrees F continuous. This non-flammable heat protection sleeve has a special weave that allows it to expand up to 20 percent of its nominal inside diameters. This allows you to expand and contract over fittings and terminals ensuring your vital components are protected. In addition, it has that old-school rod sleeves look with modern heatshield technology. This is a perfect way to protect and shield fuel lines - helping to prevent vapor lock, protect sensitive wire looms from close-proximity heat, shielding brake lines and hoses and stopping clutch cables from melting. All 10 foot lengths of the hot rod Sleeve come with 2 HP shrink to seal the ends ensuring it performs at peak levels.

Hot Rod Sleeving Installation Tips:

  • To expand ID of sleeve, bunch or shrink the overall length of sleeve
  • To decrease ID stretch overall length
  • Secure ends of sleeve with Thermal-Tie, clamp, wire, or high temp electrical tape

PRO TIP - As provided by Bryan Fuller of Fuller Hot Rods, use the included heat shrink on the ends to give it make it perform at highest efficiency and give it an OEM look.

MSDS| Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Dissipates heat

Base material: Fiberglass

Color: Black



The following conversion is a guide for AN hoses only. The conversion reflects the most common conversions for AN hose sizes, however there may be some variances with different manufactureres. Always double check by measuring the OD of your hose. Always verify the OD of your hose, you may use a caliper or sliding an open end wrench over the hose. If you are still unsure verify with the manufacturer of the hose as to their specific OD. By using this calculator you acknowledge this is a guide only and it is ultimately your responsibility to verify the correct OD of your AN line.








What is the best way to fix and stop vapor lock?

We like the Hot Rod Sleeve to fix and prevent vapor lock issues. Its ability to expand on the inside diameter means it can be used on metal fuel lines as well as a heat shield for metal lines.

My wiring harness melted, how can I fix it?

Using a heat shield sleeve like our Hot Rod Sleeve will stop melting of wire and engine harnesses and it wil also act as fire protection in case of a critical failure in the engine compartment. This heat shield sleeve is far superior to the split wire looms you see. You can even slide the Hot Rod Sleeve over these looms to protect them.

How do I get the sleeve to expand over fittings and terminals?

Compress or “bunch” the sleeve length wise, and stretch the opening of the sleeve then slide over. It may also help to coat fitting or terminal with silicone or dry graphite spray before sliding over. To decrease the id of sleeve after it slides over fitting/terminal pull on both ends of the sleeve to stretch the length.

How much does the Hot Rod Sleeve expand?

Hot Rod Sleeve can expand up to 20 percent over its nominal inside diameter.

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