HP Cool Can Shields

Fuel Jug and Gas Can Heat Shield

  • Reflects solar radiation, keeping fuel cool

  • Keeps fuel’s chemical balance in tact

  • Prevents fuel evaporation

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
900210 Scribner Square 5 Gal Heat Shield 819825013658
900211 VP Square 5 Gal Heat Shield 819825013665
900212 VP Round 5 Gal Heat Shield 819825013672
900213 54 Gal Drum 819825013689
900215 11 gallon Hunsaker dump can heat shield 819825015034
The original fuel can heat shield! HP Cool Can Shields™ act as a UV heatshield for your fuel container or jug, and protect its contents from solar radiation that causes the contents to get hot. Fabricated from a lightweight aluminized material, HP Cool Can Shields™ help keep the fuel inside the jug cool, reducing evaporation while maintaining the fuel’s chemical balance. Keeping your fuel cool is important and critical with racing fuel. Jugs covered with HP Cool Can Shields™ have cooler fuel temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit versus unprotected fuel containers. This can be the difference between a podium finish on spec class racing.

In addition, HP Cool Can Shields™ will also increase the life expectancy of the fuel jug by 50 percent by significantly reducing UV sun damage. Grab the original, don’t buy the knock off fuel can heat shields. These have over 12 years of R&D behind them, from the Baja to the strip. All of our Cool Can Shields are made right here in the USA.

Use caution when filling any fuel container, be sure fuel/gas can and shield are properly grounded before fueling

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