Seal the ends of your heat shield sleeve with HP Shrink

HP Shrink for Heat Shield Sleeve

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  • Very flexible polyolefin tubing

  • Seals ends of heat sleeve for maximum efficiency

  • Has a 3:1 shrink ratio

  • Meets all AMS-DTL-23053/5C, UL and CSA specifications

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
353010 HP Shrink 1/2 in id (10 pack)
353011 HP Shrink 1/2 in id (25 pack)
353014 HP Shrink 3/4 in id (8 pack)
353015 HP Shrink 3/4 in id (16 pack)
353018 HP Shrink 1-1/2 in id (4 pack)
353019 HP Shrink 1-1/2 in id (8 pack)
353022 HP Shrink 3 in id (4 pack)

Let everyone know you use high quality US made heat shield sleeving with this sealing heat shrink! Our HP heat shrink seals are extra flexible and have low shrink temperatures making them ideal to seal off any high temperature sleeve! The very flexible polyolefin tubing has a 3:1 shrink ratio and meets all AMS-DTL-23053/5C, UL and CSA specifications. HP sealing heat shrink is a great alternative to zip ties, tape, and prove a clean tight seal with a professional look. Sealing the ends of any heat shield sleeve, improves the efficiency and prevents hot air for working its way in between your hose or wire. We offer them in black with yellow logo in diameters of 1/2, 3/4, 1-1/2, and 3 inch to fit whatever you need. Shrink and seal your way to optimize the performance of your heat shield sleeve.

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Base material: Basalt fiber

Color: Black with yellow logo

Use HP Shrink on:

  • Thermaflect Heat Sleeve
  • Fire Shield Sleeve
  • Hot Rod Sleeve
  • Ice Gold Sleeve

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