Stealth Shield - Interior Heat Insulation

Interior Heat Shield

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  • Only product proven to reduce heat when mounted inside the vehicle

  • Designed to install inside the vehicle on floor pans or over sound deadener

  • Measuring just 1/8-inch thick, this product will fit under carpet without causing fitment problems

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
810001 24 in x 53 in
810002 48 in x 53 in
810003 53 in x 10 ft

Heatshield Products Stealth Shield™ is the only product engineered and proven to reduce heat from inside your vehicle. HP Stealth Shield™ uses proprietary technology developed for Heatshield Products welding blankets. This results in a revolutionary product that’s only 1/8 inch thick. It is designed to mount inside your vehicle atop the floor or sound-deadener product to protect you from heat radiating from the engine and exhaust.

This specially engineered heat shield mat is extremely efficient at dissipating heat. HP Stealth Shield™ will fit underneath carpet without causing fitment issues. Put HP Stealth Shield™ on the floorpan, db Armor™, db Suppressor™, db Skin™ or other sound-dampener material. That’s right — it easily installs on top of a sound deadener. This car heat shield is capable of withstanding a continuous 1,800 degrees F, so it is more than ready to handle anything your floorboards and interior are subjected to. HP Stealth Shield™ may also be used on the roof and above the headliner using adhesive spray.

Please note: HP Stealth Shield™ is to be used underneath a carpet or above the headliner. It should not be used by itself without a cover. The black fibers may get on your hands and clothes, but will not make your skin itch. In addition, constant abrasion will cause the product to wear out.

SDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Dissipater, significantly reduces thermal energy

Material: Fiberglass, proprietary carbon

color: Black

Use HP Stealth Shield on:

  • Floor boards, under carpet
  • Above headliner
  • Convertible tops

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