I-M Shield - Intake Manifold Heat Shield

Instant Muscle Heat Shield

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  • The best dollar per RWHP around

  • Withstands 1100F radiant continuous

  • Adhesive good for 300F

  • Lowers intake temperatures

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
140004 0.125 th x 15 in x 28 in
140007 2011-14 5.0 Mustang GT
140008 Ford Racing Boss 302 5.0 Mod motors
140010 Ford Racing Cobra Jet M-9424-M50CJ
140011 Ford Racing GT350 M-9424-M52
140020 97-2007 LS1 LS2 LS6
140021 LS3 Car intake
140022 2006-15 LS7 Factory Intake
140023 LSX-R FAST® intakes
140031 Holley LS Hi-Ram - All
140041 JK 2013-18 3.6L Pentastar
140080 Subaru 2014-18 2.0

I-M Shield™ significantly reduces the amount of heat transfer from the top of the engine to the intake manifold, helping to reduce air-intake temperatures and increase horsepower. Lower air-intake manifold temperatures create a denser air/fuel mixture, creating more power. Heavy-duty adhesive will stick to any clean, semi-smooth surface. Simply degrease the surface, wipe with pre-paint cleaner or isopropyl alcohol, let it dry, then firmly press the I-M Shield™ onto the underside of the intake manifold. Use the provided edging tape to finish the installation of this intake manifold heat shield. I-M Shield™ is available pre-cut for certain applications and in a universal kit that may be trimmed for a custom fit. Think of I-M Shield™ as an intercooler for your LS intake manifold, reducing the temperature of the air/fuel inlet charge for higher density and more power.


Patent Pending.

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Special thanks to Paul Faessler at Paul's Automotive Engineering for being crazy enough to listen to us! We have a few other ideas in the skunk works we hope he is crazy enough to try. Dyno numbers provided courtesy of them.

Part no: 140008, Boss Intake Manifold Heat Shield -Mostly stock Boss 302 engine (with stock compression 11:1), with a Precision Turbo at 6lbs of boost

Gains: 12 RWHP, 10 ft lbs tq     Red base line       Blue - run with I-M Shield installed


Q. Do I need to remove my factory foam on my intake manifold, and how do I do so?

A. Yes, you do need to remove any factory foam underneath the intake manifold. The I-M Shield must stick to a hard surface in order to maintain a long lasting bond. Peel the foam off, clean it good with carburetor spray or other degreaser, wipe with pre-paint cleaners and stick.

 Q. How does it create more power if the because the MAF and IAT sensors are before the IM Shield?

A. Any reduction in intake temperatures creates more power, regardless of sensor location. additionally, the O2 sensor downstream helps the ECU adjust for the cooler denser charge headed into the combustion cycle.

 Q. Why do you recommend we wipe the top of the I-M Shield before using Weld Tape on the top of it?

A. The foil on the Sticky Shield has a coating for manufacturing purposes and during installation grease and dirt can also affect the Weld tapes bonding capability. Wiping with a pre-paint cleaner ensures it is sticking to a clean surface.

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