Sprak plug boot heat shield

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  • Rated for 1200°F continuous use, 2000°F intermittent.

  • Reflects and dissipates heat

  • 1” id, fits most spark plug boots even 90°

  • Double wall construction

  • Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product

  • Proudly made in the USA

Part No Description
400200 1 Id x 6 in Tan (2 Pack)
400201 1 ID x 6 in Red (2 Pack)
400202 1 in ID x 6 in Blue (2 Pack)
400204 1 in ID x 6 in Black (2 Pack)
400800 1 in id x 6 in Tan (8 Pack)
400801 1 in ID x 6 in Red (8 Pack)
400802 1 in ID x 6 in Blue (8 Pack)
400804 1 in ID x 6 in Black (8 Pack)

Insul-Boot™ spark plug boot heat socks protect plug wires from ambient heat exposure and damage up to 1,200 degrees F, extending wire life while also increasing ignition-system performance through reduced wire resistance. Insul-Boot™ prevents misfires caused by plug-wire burnout, helping prevent critical engine damage and performance losses. The double-wall construction provides superior ambient heat protection, while special coatings reflect and dissipate heat. The universal design fits most spark plug boot heat shield angles, and Insul-Boot™ is available in natural tan and ceramic colors red, blue and black. Installation of these spark plug wire heat socks is easy and will not hinder spark plug changes.

Installing Spark Plug Boot heat Shield

  1. Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, and gloves when handling this product. Fiberglass may cause temporary skin and eye irritation
  2. Slide the open side of the Lava Boot onto the spark plug boot first (Figure 1)
  3. Slide Lava Boot and spark plug boot onto the spark plug, press firmly to make sure contact is made (Figure 2)
  4. The rings side of the Lava Boot should rest between the cylinder head, and tip of spark plug boot. This prevents the Lava Boot from walking up the plug wire, allowing for burnout (Figure 3)
  5. PRO TIP: For LS Motors, it may be necessary to remove the factory metal shield around the plug boot.

Spark Plug Boot Shield Install

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Dissipater, reduces thermal energy


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