Lava Motor Mount Shields

Motor Mount Heat Shield

  • Protects rubber, polyurethane and polygraphite mounts from heat, water, chemical and acid

  • Easy to install; fits over nearly any motor mount

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
503010 4 in x 15.5 in (LS3 Motor Mounts) 819825014297

Designed with the most extreme engine-compartment environments in mind, Heatshield Products Lava Motor Mount Shields™ install in minutes, and usually do not require removal of the mount for installation. Most modern O.E. engine mounts are made from rubber with an internal, liquid-filled bladder that helps to dampen vibrations transmitted from the engine/drivetrain through the frame and into the passenger cabin. These mounts have a finite lifespan, and when they fail, they typically rupture and cause a severe harmonic harshness inside the vehicle and can also cause damage to the driveline.

Lava Motor Mount Shields™ wrap around any factory or aftermarket motor mounts, creating a massive thermal and acoustic barrier that protects the mounts from engine and exhaust heat, along with other ambient elements that can reduce the longevity of the mounts. Made from crushed, melted and then fibered volcanic rock, Lava Motor Mount Shields™ can be used on both street and strip applications, allowing owners with high-horsepower engines to install motor mounts strong enough to withstand torque and horsepower, while offering a vibration-free and smooth feeling similar to an O.E. mount. Designed to withstand continuous temperatures of 1,200 degrees F, Lava Motor Mount Shields™ are water-, chemical- and even acid-resistant.

Always wear Face hook & loop seam away from heat source

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