Lava Oil Filter Heat Shield

Lava Oil Filter Heat Shield

  • Special design allows for easy install and removal for reuse after oil changes

  • Includes magnets which holds the shield in place and traps metal debris in the filter

  • Water, oil and solvent resistant

  • Made in the USA

Sku Description UPC
504701 Fits Ford Mod Motor/Late Model CHRY/Dodge Hemi Fram PH2 or equivalent 819825015041
504702 Fits Early Ford/GM V8 PH8A/PH5 or equivalent 819255015058
504703 Fits LS, LT1, LT4 Series PH3506 or equivalent 819825015065
504704 Fits 5.0 Coyote PH10575 or equivalent 819825015072
Oil filters are often located in close proximity to hot headers in an area of the vehicle that doesn’t get much air movement. The new Lava Oil Filter Shield™ from Heatshield Products can help you avoid cooking the oil filter and the oil running through it while protecting the filter from road debris.

Lava Oil Filter Shield protects the oil filter from ambient heat and road debris by encasing the oil filter in the proprietary Lava Cool™ volcanic rock fiber-based thermal barrier material. The specially designed cover slides over the filter snugly and is held in place by magnets so it won’t slip off, which also allows it to be removed when necessary. The magnets are effective at trapping metal debris inside the oil filter, further improving the filtration and offering your engine more protection. The Lava Oil Filter Shield can withstand constant temps of 1,200-degrees Fahrenheit and intermittent temps up to 2,000-degrees. It is oil, solvent and water resistant.

High heat generated by the exhaust system can saturate the oil filter, which adversely affects the temperature of the oil running through the filter, as well as the filter internals. In addition, the usual mounting location of the oil filter exposes it to road debris that gets kicked up under the vehicle and can potentially puncture the filter, cause oil loss and engine failure. Lava Oil Filter Shield protects the oil filter from heat and road debris..

Lava Oil Filter Heat Shield is available in sizes to fit most popular canister oil filters

Patent pending. Available September 2016.

SDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulator type: Heat barrier

Base material: Basalt

Attachment method: Magnets

Color: Lava

Part Number ID in Inches Height in Inches
504701 3.625 3.500
504702 3.750 4.875
504703 2.938 3.250
504704 3.250 3.875
Q. Won't the Lava Oil filter Shield retain heat inside the filter?

Theoretically it could keep heat in the filter. BUT, the oil filter isn’t a heat dissipating device, intended or unintended. Its job is filtration. And the ambient exhaust heat that typically runs past an oil filter is much higher than actual oil temp, so the greater threat is ambient heat exposure that could heat soak the filter and oil going through it, not keeping heat in the filter assembly. On the LS motors the factory oil cooler is located right by the filter, so you’ve got a heat exchanger right there that could heat the oil even more before it reaches the cooler. The Lava Oil filter acts as a heat shield from the external heat.

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