Lava Starter Heat Shield Stops Heat Soak

Starter Heat Shield

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  • Protects starter motor and solenoid from damaging heat

  • Patented Heatshield thermal barrier technology withstands constant temps up to 1200F

  • Installs in minutes, typically without requiring starter removal

  • Naturally water, chemical and acid resistant

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
501070 7-1/4 in x 21-3/4 in (pre 1990's starters)
501071 3-1/2 in x 18 in, High torque starters

Our starter heat shield is specially engineered to protect the starter motor and solenoid from damaging heat. The starter motor is often mounted in the hottest part of the engine bay with little air flow. Lava Starter Shield™ is made using the Heatshield Products patented and proven crushed volcanic rock fiber. This is an ideal thermal barrier when there is less than 1 inch of airspace between the starter and heat sources, such as headers, but also works great when there is more airspace. Lava Starter Heat Shield does not conduct electricity, unlike nearly all competitive thermal barriers. That means you do not have to worry about an electrical short occurring with exposed starter terminals coming in to contact with the shield.

Protecting the starter motor and solenoid from excessive heat will extend the life of these products, improve starter-cranking performance when hot and reduce electrical amp draw while starting under hot conditions. Lava Starter Shield™ protects the starter from constant temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees F and short-term temps as high as 2,000 degrees F.

This heat shield for starter is easy to install and typically does not require starter removal. Using heat-resistant and durable hook-and-loop fasteners, Lava Starter Shield is wrapped securely around the starter and will not come off when subjected to engine and driving vibrations. This allows for easy removal for engine servicing. Made in the USA, Lava Starter Shield is the best way to protect the starter motor and solenoid from damaging heat, preventing costly and inconvenient starter failures from ruining your day. It also has a cool carbon-fiber appearance.

Face hook and look fasteners in opposite direction of heat source

Why does my starter not work when it is hot?

Excessive heat into the solenoid causes the internal components to expand and “lock” up, this prevents the starter from working when you turn the key or press the start button. It can happen any time of year, but it is more common to see this happen during summer months and warm weather. The starter heat shield helps to protect the solenoid, allowing it to function even in extreme conditions.

Do I have to buy a new starter or can I use my old one?

A dollar is hard to come by, you do not have to buy a new starter, we suggest you try the Lava Starter Shield on your existing starter motor first. If you are still having problems, chances are your starter has been compromised from previous heat soak. Replace the starter motor and install the heat shield on your new starter. You should have years of worry free operation.

Does this thing last and stay on with just the Velcro?

The hook and loop fastener system is very strong and heat resistant. We have never had an issue with a starter heat shield falling off with the “Velcro”. We have seen out starter heat shields stop heat soak even after 5 years in service.

Lava Starter Shield is used on:

  • Starter Motors
  • Distributors
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