LP Shield

License Plate Anti Rattle and Anti Scratch Shield

  • Protects paint and chrome from damage

  • Specially formulated to withstand exposure to elements

  • Lightweight and .015 inch thick for easy installation

  • Made in the USA

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040064 License Plate Shield 819825017892
Prevent a rattling license plate and license plate frame from damaging vehicles paint or a chrome bumper with our new LP Shield.

LP Shield is a specially formulated material that acts as a protective barrier between the license plate and a car’s body or bumper, while also eliminating vibration. LP Shield is lightweight and only a mere 0.125 inch thick, making for a simple installation and secure fitment on any license plate or license plate frame. LP Shield is resistant to the elements and UV exposure, so it will not deteriorate.

The LP Shield fits license plates from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and most South American countries.

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Pro Installation Tips for the LP Shield

1. Remove license plate
2. Clean and degrease back side of license plate
3. Give backside of license plate a final wipe with a non-reside cleaner
4. Place "[" shaped pies on the outer edge of license plate, make sure you do not over the holes for mounting screws
5. Center the square of the license plate shield in the middle of the plate
6. Before bolting your license plate back on your vehicle. Wash the surface carefully and remove any dirt and dust. Heatshield Products strongly recommends waxing the area before installing the LP Shield. 7. Stick on LP shield onto license plate
8. Bolt license plat back into vehicle

Does the LP shield protect my paint from scratches from my license plate?

The LP shield is designed to provide a soft cushion to reduce your license plate from vibrating and scratching the paint on your vehicle.

Is the LP shield going to hold up to the elements outside?

LP shield is made from a proprietary foam that is weather and UV resistant. The adhesive backing is very strong insuring you have along lasting protection for your car

What license plates does the LP Shield Fit?

The LP Shield fits standard license plates form the USA, Canada, Mexico, and most countries in South America.

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