db Skin

Sound Insulation Coating - db Skin

  • Sprayable or applied with brush

  • Lightweight alternative to asphalt products

  • Covers large surface areas quickly

  • Increases performance of speaker boxes

  • Manufactured from top quality materials, right here in the USA

250F 121℃ Intermittent
Sku Description UPC
040101 1 Gal Covers approx. 30 sq/ft 819825010015
040102 5 Gal Covers approx. 150 ft² 819825010022
040103 2 Gal Covers approx. 60 sq ft 819825014105
040105 1/2 gal. approx. 15 sq ft of coverage 819825018042
db Skin™ is a water-based, air-curing, sprayable vibration damping compound that bonds well to sheet metal, wood, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. Its proprietary blend of silica-mica and ceramic suspended in advanced chemical binder greatly reduces structural resonance and vibration. db Skin™ effectively dampens vibration in a variety of substrates (panels) over a wide frequency range (10 to 40 KHz), and allows you to cover large surface areas very quickly when using a spray gun, brush or roller. When this spray-on sound insulation product is wet, it is purple, and as it cures it will change to black. db Skin™ can also be used on smaller areas, such as outer door skins and above the headliner. This spray-on sound insulation material can also be used to improve the performance of speaker enclosures of all types, and on the inside of outer body panels. In wood enclosures, db Skin™ will soak into the wood and seal up pores, seams and gaps between the panels, giving an additional 3 decibels of sound damping. It will acoustically dampen fiberglass and plastic enclosures extremely well.

When db Skin™ cures, it creates an impedance mismatch that results in an increase in overall output by 1 to 3 decibels, almost doubling amp power and output. No special tools are required to install db Skin™; however, a “shutz” spray gun will save a significant amount of installation time. db Skin™ may also be applied with a paint brush or roller, and it cleans up easily with warm water before drying. db Skin™ is best suited for vehicles where the interior is gutted.

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Sound dampener

Base Material: Proprietary

Q. How much db Skin do I need for my car?

A. Always measure how much your surface area, but generally speaking 2 gallons of db Skin will cover most automotive interiors.

Q. Can I sand db Skin?

A. Yes, once db Skin has completely cured you may sand it.

Q. Can db Skin improve my speaker box performance?

A. Yes db Skin can increase speaker output as much as 3db, that is almost the equivalent of double the amp power!

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