Heat Shield Sleeve

Thermaflect Sleeve

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  • Capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat

  • Helps to prevent vapor lock, lower air intake temperatures, protects wires from melting

  • Also available in a hook and loop seam

  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
270012 1/2 id x 3 ft Sewn
270013 1/2 id x 10 ft Sewn
270034 3/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270035 3/4 id x 10 ft Sewn
270100 1-in id x 3 ft Sewn
270101 1-in id x 10 ft Sewn
270112 1-1/2 id x 3 ft Sewn
270113 1-1/2 id x 10 ft Sewn
270114 1-1/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270115 1-1/4 id x 10 ft Sewn
270134 1-3/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270135 1-3/4 id x 10 ft Sewn
270200 2-in id x 3 ft Sewn
270201 2-in id x 10 ft Sewn
270212 2-1/2 id x 3 ft Sewn
270213 2-1/2 id x 10 ft Sewn
270214 2-1/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270215 2-1/4 id x 10 ft Sewn
270234 2-3/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270235 2-3/4 id x 10 ft Sewn
270300 3-in id x 3 ft Sewn
270301 3-in id x 10 ft Sewn
270304 3-1/2 id x 3 ft Sewn
270305 3-1/2 id x 10 ft Sewn
270308 4-in id x 3 ft Sewn
270309 4-in id x 10 ft Sewn
270310 4-1/2 id x 3 ft Sewn
270311 4-1/2 id x 10 ft Sewn
270312 5-in id x 3 ft Sewn
270313 5-in id x 10 ft Sewn
270314 5-1/4 id x 3 ft Sewn
270315 5-1/4 id x 10 ft Sewn

Shield wiring, lines, hoses and cables from radiant heat. Thermaflect Sleeve™ acts as a thermal-barrier capable of reflecting up to 90 percent of radiant heat (requires minimum of 1 inch airspace and good airflow). It is excellent to use on fuel lines, wiring looms, air intake, intercooler pipes and air conditioner hoses. By keeping fuel and air-intake temperatures cool, it helps to prevent vapor lock, improves performance, increases mileage and reduces fuel evaporation. It weighs a fraction of silicone-coated sleeves and offers superior radiant heat insulation. Thermaflect Sleeve™ withstands 1,100 degrees F of continuous radiant heat and 500 degrees F direct heat.

Available in sewn and a hook-and-loop seam.

Prop 65 Warning:
CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Be sure ends of sleeve are sealed or secured to component you are trying to protect. You can seal the ends using our Thermaflect Tape, Cool Foil Tape, Thermal-Tie, shrink tube, or any mechanical fastener. Securing the ends will ensure no hot air sneaks in behind the sleeve, thus allowing it to work more efficiently.

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Thermal Barrier, designed to shield radiant heat

Base material: Fiberglass

Color: Silver/Chrome



The following conversion is a guide for AN hoses only. The conversion reflects the most common conversions for AN hose sizes, however there may be some variances with different manufacturer's. Always double check by measuring the OD of your hose. Always verify the OD of your hose, you may use a caliper or sliding an open end wrench over the hose. If you are still unsure verify with the manufacturer of the hose as to their specific OD. By using this calculator you acknowledge this is a guide only and it is ultimately your responsibility to verify the correct OD of your AN line.








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Use Heat Shield Sleeve on:

  • Fuel lines - prevent vapor lock
  • AC lines - improve AC efficiency
  • Intercooler pipe - reduce intake temps and increase power
  • Wire looms

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