Are you having trouble finding the right turbo heat shield for your application? With the evolution and popularity of V-band turbos, the flange size guide for heat shields has become more difficult to use. This turbo heat shield finder is an app to estimate what heat shield will fit your turbine housing. While it is very accurate, results will vary on the accuracy of the measurements you take. We strongly recommend you use a tailor’s measuring tape for the most accurate measurements and take your time. These are flexible turbo heat shields. They will have some minor adjustments you can make. These turbo shields may be compressed and expanded to adjust for fitment on the turbo.

Guide for Usage:

Take measurements according to Steps 1 through 4. Enter your turbine housing dimensions in Step 6. All measurements must be entered in inches. For your convenience, we have included a millimeter to inch converter.

: =

Step 1:

Measure the circumference of the turbine housing.


Step 2:

Measure the diameter of the turbine exhaust gas outlet (wheel opening).


Step 3:

Measure the diameter of the turbine housing.


Step 4:

Measure the width on the wide side of turbine exhaust housing, the part near the flange or v-band mount.


Step 5:

Measure the width of the narrow side of turbine exhaust housing, the part going back into the turbine.


Step 6:

Enter measurements in the boxes below:






Calculator Line

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