UTV Exhaust Heat Shield

Heatshield Armor - Exhaust Heat Shield for UTVs, Motorcycles, and ATV's

  • Keeps shocks and air boxes cooler

  • Heatshield Armor is easily trimmed and wrapped around exhaust pipes

  • Product is long lasting and abrasion resistant, with a chemical-blocking aluminum layer

  • Installs in minutes

  • Made in the USA

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177201 0.25 in thk x 12 in x 10 in UTV Kit 819825014518
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Don’t let the heat of your exhaust slow you down. You can reduce exhaust pipe temperatures up to 60% Our Moto Heatshield Armor reduces more heat that factory exhaust heat shields and wrapped exhaust pipes. Secure your way to a cooler ride in your side by side with the easiest to install and longest lasting heatshield blanket available for your pipes. The abrasion-resistant Heatshield Armor cuts effortlessly with heavy-duty scissors, making it simple to wrap around the headers. Removal of the pipes are not necessary for many installations.

Heatshield Armor is capable of withstanding a continuous 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit with intermittent spikes of 2,200 degrees, and it lasts longer than traditional exhaust wraps. In addition to being abrasion-resistant, Heatshield Armor has an aluminum layer that rejects chemicals and won’t get snagged in that brush while off road. Because it does not completely wrap the entire header, it is compliant with most exhaust manufacturers’ warranties. Retaining the heat away from your shock can prevent the shock from overheating. This will offer you improved handling and prolong the shock’s life. In addition the kit can be used to shield exhaust heat from the plenum, lowering air intake temps, that means more power! Heatshield Armor also results in hotter and faster-flowing exhaust gases that create a scavenging effect to pull intake gases through the system quicker. This can further lower intake temperatures, resulting in even more power.
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