Wastegate Heat Shield

Turbo Wastegate Actuator Heat Shield

  • Keeps the diaphragm from deteriorating due to heat cycles and helps with longevity

  • Helps for more consistent and precise operation of the wastegate valve

  • Increase turbo performance and consistency

  • Easily installed and removed, even after countless heat cycles

  • Made in the USA

1800˚F 982℃ CONTINUOUS
2000˚F 1093℃ Intermittent
Sku Description UPC
300172 40 MM Turbo Wastegate Heat Shield 819825018011
300174 46 MM Wastegate Actuator Heat Shield 819825018028
300176 66 MM Turbo Wastegate Heat Shield 819825018035

Our Lava Wastegate Heat Shield is a specially designed thermal barrier to protect the turbocharger wastegate actuator and its critical internal components from the excessive heat exposure it’s subjected to from the exhaust side of the turbo. Protecting the wastegate from heat exposure increases the wastegate diaphragm life, and more consistent actuation of the wastegate by insulating the diaphragm from constant and extreme temperature changes that affect how quickly the wastegate opens and closes. 

The business end of this heat shield is made our proprietary Inferno Mat. This special high-temperature silica insulation can withstand constant temperatures of 1800 F and intermittent temperatures of 2200 F. It remains flexible and strong at even at sustain temperatures of 1800 F. We use our Lava Shield as the outer layer to both give it that cool carbon fiber look and while adding another layer of insulation performance.

Installation is easy, in most cases not requiring removal of the wastegate, and can be uninstalled and reinstalled even after countless heat cycles. Each turbo wastegate heat shield includes wire for the capstan fastener.

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