Since 1985 this family owned business has been producing the finest American made heat protection around. Our roots began in the hot rod and racing business, and we have since developed the most complete line of automotive thermal insulation products and automotive sound deadening supplies for your vehicle. 

Exhaust insulation – from the original fiberglass wrap, to the industry’s firs lava rock wrap, to the extreme Inferno header Wrap, no one has lead the way like Heatshield Products. In our true pioneering spirit we have introduced our Armor series of exhaust heat shield featuring our exclusive BioCool technology. It takes high temperatures and can be installed in a header warranty friendly way.

Heat Shield - Our heat shield barriers, keep the heat away from transmission tunnels, floor pans, and body panels. This can lower your interior temperatures and make your car cooler in the middle of summer. Heat shield barriers can be used on a stock or aftermarket air intake system to increase performance and fuel economy.

Heat Shield Sleeving- Heat shield sleeve can be useful for protecting vital wiring harnesses. They can also be used on a fuel line to prevent vapor lock. You can even shield your air intake to improve performance and fuel mileage.

Heat Shield Tapes - High temperature heat shield tape can be quickly used to cool off a hot situation at the track or on your daily driver. These tapes can also be used to protect vital components from excessive engine and exhaust heat.

Component specific automotive heat shields can improve part performance and also protect and increase their lifespan. Is that starter locking up in the middle of summer? Then grab our automotive insulation heat shields and keep moving.

From the heat of turbo charged off road vehicles racing through the desert to containing the heat from a 2,000 horsepower engine going down the track, all of our automotive insulation products are #RaceTested. Grab from one of our fine insulation products below and make your ride faster and more reliable, Run Cool, Stay Cool™.

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