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Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap - Heatshield Products

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  • Special weave makes it easier to wrap around bends, and gives carbon fiber look

  • Proprietary HPTC exhaust wrap coating is dark black

  • Can increase exhaust scavenging, resulting in more horsepower

  • Made in USA

Part No Description
380008 1 in x 25 ft Carbon Wrap Roll
380009 1 in x 50 ft Carbon fiber exhaust wrap
380011 2 in x 15 ft Roll Roll
380012 2 in x 25 ft Carbon fiber exhaust wrap
380013 2 in x 50 ft Carbon fiber exhaust wrap

Cobra Skin™ Exhaust Wrap uses the same HPTC coating as our Premium Exhaust Wrap, and features a special weave that makes it easier to wrap around bends in pipes and creates a carbon-fiber appearance after it has been installed.

Our HPTC coating allows Cobra Skin™ Exhaust Wrap to sustain 1,350 degrees F continuously. This thermal wrap for your exhaust system will increase temperature parameters, and remain flexible and strong. For most header wraps, the fiberglass will become weak and brittle at 1,000 degrees F, and typical coatings will extend the base temp to 1,200 degrees F, but the fibers will still become brittle. With our HPTC coating, the Cobra Skin™ has a higher rated continuous temperature of 1,350 degrees F, and the fibers remain flexible, so the wrap will expand and contract with the metal of the exhaust system. This ensures longterm maximum heat retention and increased wrap life.

The HPTC coating also gives Heatshield Products wraps increased abrasion-resistance even at 1,350 degrees F, and results in less fraying.

How much Cobra Exhaust Wrap do you need? Click here for our exhaust wrap calculator

Download Exhaust Wrap Instruction Sheet

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Insulation type: Insulator, retains heat in.

Material: Fiberglass, proprietary thermal coating

Header and Exhaust Wrap Calculator


This calculator is a tool to estimate how much exhaust header wrap you will need for your headers, downpipe, or exhaust system. Calculations are a guide only! Actual usage will vary depending upon installation. Tighter installation of exhaust wrap on the pipe results in smaller header wrap needed.


All fractions should be in decimal form:
  • 1/8 should be 0.125
  • ¼ should be 0.250
  • ½ should be 0.500
  • ¾ should be 0.750
  • 7/8 should be 0.875


  • ¾"- 2" pipe OD use 1" wide wrap
  • 1¾"- 4" pipe OD use 2" wide wrap
  • 3"- 4" pipe OD use 2" or 3" wide wrap
  • 4"- 5" pipe OD use 2", 3" or 4" wide wrap
  • 5"+ pipe OD use 3", 4" or 6" wide wrap


¼" Overlap is recommended for automotive applications, a 50% overlap is recommended for all motorcycle, UTV, kart, marine, heavy duty and industrial applications.


* Pipe diameter in inches
* Pipe length in feet
Number of bends less than 45°
Number of bends greater than 45°
* Required field


Feet of 1" exhaust wrap needed:
25' rolls 50' rolls 100' rolls
Feet of 2" exhaust wrap needed:
15' rolls 25' rolls 50' rolls 100' rolls
Feet of 3" exhaust wrap needed:
100' rolls
Feet of 4" exhaust wrap needed:
100' rolls
Feet of 6" exhaust wrap needed:
100' rolls

Do you have to soak exhaust wrap to install?>

Soaking a header wrap is not necessary for installation. In fact Heatshield Products recommends just dampening the wrap with a spray bottle. In many cases coatings need to be heat cycles before they cure. Soaking a wrap can wash off some of the coating before it is installed.

Does it matter which direction I start wrapping my pipes in?

It does not matter which direction you wrap your pipes in. We recommend starting at the cylinder head and working downstream. The reason for this is fatigue. Most people get a little tired the longer they are wrapping a pipe. For performance reasons it is best to have the tightest wrap near the cylinder head. Obviously we want the tightest fit all they way through the install, but fatigue is something to consider.

Brand X says their fiberglass wrap is rated for 2000F, whys is Cobra Wrap only rated for 1350F?

All fiberglass wraps have a base temperature of 1000F. With coatings and treatments, you can expand the operational temperature to 1200F. Our proprietary HPTC coating allows us to make a midnight black exhaust wrap and have a higher temperature of 1350F. Other companies will falsely advertise 2000F because they want to sell you something, we want to solve your problem.

Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap May be used on:

  • Headers
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Muffler
  • Catalytic convertor
  • Silencer


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