Cold Intake Shield

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Continuous operating reflective temperature of 1100°F, 2000°F intermittent

Capable of reducing up to 90% of radiant heat

Helps to lower air intake temperatures, increasing horsepower

Caution this material is electrically conductive; be sure to insulate any terminals that might come in contact with this product

Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product.

Made in the USA

Increase your horsepower and improve fuel economy by lowering air intake temperatures with our air intake heat shield. Get even more performance from your aftermarket air intake kit; don’t let the heat rob you of horsepower. Most aftermarket aluminum and plastic cold air intake kits lack insulation to prevent engine and exhaust heat from warming up the intake system, turn it into a really cold air intake kit! Power is created from the increase in the dense air fuel mixture (created by the cooler intake temperatures) allowing the mixture to be burned more efficiently. CIS has an adjustable inside diameter from 3" to 4" so it will fit most air intake tubes. Manufactured with a hook and loop seam for easy access and installation. CIS will withstand 1100°F continuous radiant heat and 500°F of direct heat. Our sleeves can be cut easily for custom applications and they are sold with foil tape (1"w x 3') to complete installation.


Trim to fit length of intake system. Use provided Cool Foil Tape on ends or on and holes you have cut (for sensors or ports) to prevent fraying.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

Shielding cold air intakes

Part No Description
274400 3-4 in ID x 3 ft