HP Stage Shield

HP Stage Shield

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  • Reflects solar radiation, keeping fuel cool

  • Lowers fuel temperature by as much as 20°F

  • Keeps fuel’s chemical balance in tact

  • Prevents fuel evaporation

  • Custom covers available

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
900701 MX-Atv Tanks

Don’t let your bike’s fuel get hot while waiting for your turn to dominate the race track! Our latest innovation is the HP Stage Shield. Pro tuners and national teams know that hot fuel will cause poor performance, vapor lock and fuel evaporation. Preventing evaporation preserves the critical chemical balance of your fuel, allowing your bike to perform at your tuned settings for longer periods of time.This lightweight reflective heat shield provides motorcycle fuel protection and can lower your fuel temperature by as much as 20°F vs. an unprotected sun baked bike! Use our HP Stage Shield in staging, on the starting line, in the pits, back at camp, or anywhere your bike sits in the sun. HP Stage Shield offers serious fuel protection for MX, SUPERMOTO, MINI and ATV RACING machines...Get that edge in your racing program.

HP Stage Shield Installation Tips:

  • Use Velcro closure to secure on vent hose from fuel cap

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure | Brochure (printer friendly)

HP Stage shield, prevents solar radiation from heating your fuel before you even begin your race!

More information coming soon!

No brainer, gas tank!

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