HP Hose Sleeve

HP Hose Sleeve

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  • Capable of reducing up to 60% of radiant heat

  • Helps to prevent vapor lock, protects wires from melting

  • Sleeving wall thickness is 1/16” thick

  • Bulk rolls and larger diameters available

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
240003 1-3/4 to 2-1/2id x 3 ft
240004 1-3/4 in id x 100 ft Roll
240011 1-1/2 id x 3 ft Roll

Our HP Hose Sleeve™ thermal-barrier product can shield radiator hoses and hydraulic hoses from external heat damage, increasing their life and preventing breakdowns. Use HP Hose Sleeve™ to insulate air-intake tubes from radiant heat, lowering intake temperatures and increasing horsepower. A special thermal coating allows the HP Hose Sleeve™ to reflect and dissipate heat. The special braid gives it an expandable inside diameter of 1-3/4 to 2-3/8 inch. This thermal heat sleeving is capable of withstanding 1,200 degrees F continuous. It may be fastened using Thermal-Tie™ or hose clamps.

Safety Equipment

  1. Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, and gloves when handling this product. Fiberglass may cause temporary skin and eye irritation
  2. To expand ID of sleeve, compress the over all length of sleeve, or "bunch" up
  3. Once sleeve is over fitting, terminals, etc, stretch the length of the sleeve to shrink down the OD
  4. Tighten or secure ends of sleeve with heat shield tape or stainless steel locking ties
  5. PRO TIP: Grab a can of clear high temp engine or exhaust paint, spray end of hose sleeve, let dry before cutting to prevent fraying

MSDS | HP Hose Sleeve Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Dissipates heat

Base material: Fiberglass

Q. What can i use to cute the hose sleeve?

A. A heavy duty pair of scissors or utility knife

Uses for HP Hose Sleeve:

  • Radiator hoses

  • Air intake

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