Lava Turbo Heat Shield with Carbon Fiber Look

Lava Rock Turbo Heat Shield

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  • Capable of reducing up to 60% of under hood heat

  • Does not conduct heat like all metal turbo shields

  • Reduces turbo lag, lowers under hood temperatures

  • Custom fit installs in minutes

  • Custom shields available, will require housing to make prototype

  • Made in the USA

Part No Description
300073 T3 v-band in and out turbines
300074 T4 v-band in and out turbines
300076 T6 v-band in and out turbines
300078 T2 Turbos

Heatshield Products Lava Turbo Shield™ was designed for and tested to manage heat on the most hardcore turbocharged racing applications. Lava Turbo Heat Shield™ reduces turbo lag while protecting other engine components and reducing underhood temperatures. Lava Turbo Heat Shield™ is a custom fit and uses extreme-temperature materials to keep heat in the hot side of the turbo where it belongs.

This Lava turbo wrap has a rugged outer layer of our Lava Shield™ material that is 25 percent stronger than comparable fiberglass shields, giving a longer life span. The silica contact layer makes Lava Turbo Heat Shield™ capable of withstanding 1,800 degrees F continuous. We use a ½-inch-thick BioCool thermal-barrier inner pad sandwiched between the Lava Shield and silica mat. The precision-fit design of this heat shield turbo wrap means you do not have to trim or fit the heatshield blanket to your turbo housing, making installation a snap.

Turbo Shield Installation Tips:

  • Wrap around turbo, and use included stainless steel springs on anchor hooks
  • Use a pair of needle nose pliers to help your stretch springs to hooks

MSDS | Specification Sheet | Brochure

Insulation type: Insulator, retains heat

Base material: silica, ceramic, and basalt

Color: Lava

Q. My turbo shield is smoking after it is installed, will it catch on fire?

A. No, smoking is normal. the material used are non combustible and the smoke you see are binder burning off from the textiles used, this is completely normal. The smoking will stop after a short period of time. It can last as little as a few minutes to a few days, it depends on how hot your turbo gets.

Q. I have installed my turbo shield, but i still can't touch my turbo is it not working?

A. Yes the shield is functioning just fine. The shield reduces the amount of radiant heat, but it can't always knock the temperature down to where it is safe to the touch. For example, say your turbo is running at 1000°F, and you were able to knock the temperature down to 500°F, you certainly wouldn't put your hand in an oven at 500°F, so please don't touch the turbo shield either!

Use Volcano Turbo Shields on:

  • Turbine (hot side) turbo housings

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