Whether you ride on 2 wheels or 4, Heatshield Products has all your Moto needs covered! As an industry leader since 1985 we know what works and what doesn’t. We can keep the header pipe cool on your bike with our motorcycle heat shield, prevent that shock from fading on your Rzr, and help keep your kart going around the track at optimum speeds.

Exhaust Pipe Wrap – We launched the industry’s first volcanic wrap and soon everyone followed. We have the real high temp exhaust pipe wrap that won’t get brittle and fall apart for that turbo charged snowmobile or motorcycle exhaust application, grab the Inferno Wrap. No goofy exhaust sealant sprays required with our exhuast pipe heat shield wraps; start with a higher quality product and get it done. Going off road? Grab the rugged Heatshield Armor for that next desert UTV right for a lifetime of exhaust heat shield protection.

Fairing Heat Shield and Tank Heat Shields – From the traditional aluminized under tank heat shield to the water and element resistant Lava Shield. We can protect your UTV, Rzr, or other side by side with the rugged Sticky Shield to keep you cool!

Heat Shield Sleeves – Keep your ATV and bike running flawlessly even in the heat, with a fuel line heat shield. Building that custom V-Twin, check out our HP builder’s Kit’s that protect your oil lines and wiring from heat damage. Is that battery tender flopping around near your exhaust pipe? Use out Tender Shield to protect it from melting.

Motorcycle Heat Shield Tape – Whether you need a quick on the go repair or a permanent solution, we make a heat shield tape for your bike. Heat wrap tape is a nice way to make spot panel heat shields or to wrap a wire loom or fuel line.

With over 30 years of knowledge Heatshield Products can make sure your next ride handles better, runs better, and is more comfortable.

OEM and distributor inquiries welcome.

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