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  1. Diverse Start

    Monday – How was your weekend? Well it was too short for our liking, but here we are back at it Monday hammering away. Planes, trains, automobiles and off-shore platforms. This week has had a very diverse start and will tax our brains for cool solutions to hot problems – it is a challenge but if we do our jobs well, it will keep the doors open. So from the sky, to ground, to the sea we will keep you cool.

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  2. MPMC Rewind

    We survived! We just spent a week at MPMC and all we can say is thank you SEMA and MPMC in particular. A Special thank you to all who stopped by and took the time out to visit with us. We enjoyed doing the demo with fire (we are lucky to not have set the smoke alarm off), thanks for listening to us. We look forward to working with you. We had a lot of fun, we learned a lot, and we hopefully helped you know a little more than you already knew. Thanks to Corkey Coker of Coker tires and SORC for their gracious hospitality. For the rest of you have a great weekend, and we will back with the updates more frequently!

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  3. Having Trouble Figuring it Out

    What do you use? Check out the hand dandy application charts on our website,try this one for example for our heat shield barriers. They give you a good better and best list for products given the specifics of the application. This can help you eliminate a lot of guesswork and we have one for each product category.

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  4. Product Highlight Lava Exhaust Wrap

    Product highlight – Lava Exhaust Wrap. Sure it doesn’t help us sell more if we mislead you and say the crushed volcanic exhaust wrap takes 1800°F like some other people, but at least we sleep better at night! If you have had problems with another brands header wrap becoming brittle and falling apart, it is because it was too hot (we have a solution for those applications too, Inferno Header Wrap) Magma is liquid at 1800°F, basalt is a mineral found in lava. So really, it any basalt wrap should say 1200°F operating temperature, with a peak temperature (that's for less than 30 seconds people) of up to 2000°F.


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