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  1. How A Turbo Shield Makes More Power and Keeps Things Cool

    Above: For this turbo install, the turbo shield included in the kit was replaced with a Heatshield Products Lava Turbo Shield™ that is a more effective thermal barrier for both keeping heat in the turbocharger drive housing and out of the engine compartment. We combined this with Heatshield Armor™, Thermaflect Sleeve™ and HP Sticky Shield™ to help keep as much heat in the turbo system as possible, along with protecting surrounding components from the adverse affects of increased ambient heat.

    If you’ve been to the races and seen turbocharged cars with a turbo transmission blanket or shield, you may have wondered what the benefit was. If you assumed it was to protect everything else under the hood from excessive heat, you’re half right. The primary purpose of a turbo heat shield is to keep

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  2. Why Factory Thermal Barriers and Heat Shields SUCK!

    The OEMs are well aware of heat exposure and heat generation of specific components in their cars and trucks. They also know how keeping the heat out of certain areas is crucial to a vehicle’s performance, longevity of certain components, and comfort of passengers. But due to various limiting factors that include production costs, production time and federal regulations, they can’t always employ the best solutions for thermal barriers.

    The problem with most factory heat shields and thermal barriers (and many aftermarket ones, for that matter) is that they are just metal and are usually mounted to hot metal. Most metals conduct heat very efficiently. Even though it's called a heat shield, eventually the ambient heat soaks the metal so much that it radiates the heat like an exhaust pipe or manifold would. If it's mounted to

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