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  1. PTMM-7-7-14 Edition

    We hope you had fun this weekend and more importantly we hope you realize how lucky and blessed we all are. Freedom isn't free, so make sure you stand up for the cause and keep yours! In the true spirit of our nation’s rebellion against tyranny, we are rebelling against heat. Introducing our Header Armor. It can reduce under hood temps by 40%. Because you are not encapsulating the header pipes completely, it is compliant with most of not all header manufacturers’ warranties. Made from an AES Wool, capable of withstanding 1800F continuous it can take anything you can throw at it. We recommend ½” thick variety for racing and forced induction application. The kits include 5’ of Inconel wire so you can easy fasten them to the headers. If you are one of those lucky people with room in your engine bay, you can even add this heat shield to your headers without removing them.

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  2. HWT-7-2-14 Edition

    Short week and the thrash is on! We are hauling tail to keep you cool before Americas Birthday. We are all looking forward to that extra day off, but don’t forget why we have that day off. Stand up for freedom support your country, go out any buy American this week. Today we are going to feature a fine American made product by your friends right here at Heatshield Products , Shining the spotlight on our Thermal-Ties, stainless steel locking ties. We have the original and we were the first to introduce the wide tie. We accept competitors copying our offerings as a compliment, we must be doing it right! Check out the install tab to learn how to properly install and tighten the ties!

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  3. PTMM-6-30-14 Edition

    We are thrashing on our end because of the short week. We will be closing early Thursday at noon in honor of Independence Day, so get your orders in early so you can keep cool on #Americas birthday. Keeping your fuel cool can be critical. It prevents cavitation (vapor lock) and greatly improve performance and most importantly keep you moving. Check out the heat shield sleeve on the fuel line. Keeping the heat out can prevent those low flash point chemicals in your gas from boiling, keeping you moving even in the heat of the summer.


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  4. TGIF Freedom Edition

    Thank God it's America - Happy Independence Day everyone - Please remember what our Founding Fathers fought for and be brave enough to stand up and fight for that America today. Do not support industries, companies, individuals, or politicians who do not reflect the Founding Fathers values and who ignore the Constitution. It is time to stand up and save America for your children. May God bless the United States of America.


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  5. TGIF-6-27-14 Edition

    We survived!!!! Another hectic week in the books and it’s time to begin to think a little bit about some fun. We would like to keep you going, by reminding you the heat of the summer can be murder on your starter. We don’t want you to get stuck at work or stuck not having any fun, so wrap your starter with our HP Starter Shield. Shielding the heat away from the motor and more importantly solenoid will prevent starter heat lock. It can keep you going and increase the length of your starter motor. Keep rolling along this summer and shield away heat with our Starter Heat Shield.

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