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  1. Heatshield Products Across the Pond

    Controlling heat, improving performance and protecting components from heat knows no borders. The same heat issues we face in the U.S. are the same as those faced by fellow enthusiasts all over the world.

    We recently had a chance to visit Old Hall Performance (OHP), based in the Coventry area of the U.K. The company offers high-quality automotive performance products throughout the European market. It is also the primary outlet for our English cousins to get Heatshield Products exhaust insulation and thermal barriers for their rides and race cars. Established in 2005, OHP has built an arsenal of experience in the automotive aftermarket, from street performance to racing.

    Miles (background) and Guy (foreground) are the men on the ground for Old

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  2. Controlling Underhood Heat on a Jeep Wrangler 4.0 – Part I

    The Jeep 4.0L inline-six was the last true Jeep/AMC engine design before Chrysler bought everything and folded it into the Pentastar family. It was the final derivative of the old 4.2 inline-six and debuted in the 1987 model year. It’s last year in an American Jeep would be 2006, when the TJ Wrangler ended production. But you’re not here for a history lesson, so for the complete background on the 4.0L click HERE.

    What does this have to do with heat?

    The 4.0L is a massive hunk of cast iron American greatness. But all that cast iron means it’s a giant heat source under the hood, and once it gets hot it holds that heat for a while. And everything around it underhood soaks up all that heat, which can negatively affect performance, reliability, and component life. But with some application of Heatshield Products thermal barriers, the amoun

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  3. Installing Your Heatshield Products Like a Pro

    Things would be a lot easier if all those exhaust pipes and manifolds were straight when it came to installing exhaust wrap or other thermal barriers to cut down on the heat radiated by the exhaust system. But all those bends are there for a reason, so you just have to soldier through it and do the best you can.

    Knowing what everyone faces when it comes to wrapping their exhaust systems in thermal barrier materials, we’ve put together some helpful videos that demonstrate how to cut and shape your Heatshield Products materials to make installation over bends in exhaust pipes and manifolds easier, along with some tips on how to actually install the product to make things easier as well.

    Heatshield Armor

    Heatshield Armor™ is one of the most versatile thermal barrier materials on the market for cutting down on heat radiated from exhaust sys

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  4. Heatshield Products Quick Tips - HP Torch Blanket

    We've got a lot of great products to help control heat. Keeping heat out, keeping heat in, protecting things from heat, whatever you're trying to do that involves heat, 99 percent of the time Heatshield Products has got what you need to put heat in its place. And while we're always working on new products to control heat, the work never stops to find news way to employ the high performance thermal barriers we already have. Case in point, or HP Torch Blanket™.

    HP Torch Blanket™ is great for repair welding on equipment and cars without having to take everything apart to protect it from heat and welding splatter. Made of our specially formulated Stealth Felt welding blanket material, HP Torch Blanket™ is more durable and longer lasting than the typical leather welding blankets, able to withstand 1800

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  5. Winter Projects Using Heatshield Products Part One

    Winter is the perfect season for major automotive projects and improvements since the weather is often not conducive to cruising or driving your hot rod or muscle car on salty, icy roads. And while you’re working on a project is the perfect time to add Heatshield Products thermal barriers and acoustic barriers to your interior and engine compartment.

    Interior Work

    Having the interior out of the car for project work is a good time to install an acoustic barrier on your floorpan, footwell and firewall to block out unwanted heat and noise.

    The perfect time to add an acoustic barrier is while installing a new interior or removing the existing one for sheetmetal or wiring work.

    While t

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