thermaflect sleeve

  1. Protect Fuel Hose, Wiring and Brake Lines from Heat

    Protecting what feeds and controls your engine and its accessories from heat damage is crucial for reliability and optimal function.Heat shields and thermal barriers are simple and effective ways to protect fuel lines, wiring, brake lines and other components from the negative effects of high temperatures.

    For example, when fuel lines are exposed to excessive ambient heat, the risk of vapor lock skyrockets for both carb and fuel-injection engines. Once vapor lock happens, the only thing you can do is sit still and let things cool off. And when electrical wiring is exposed to high ambient heat, electrical resistance through the wires increases, which means it takes more energy to send a signal and electrical energy through, potentially resulting in malfunctions and electrical issues, especially if that heat eventually melts the wires and severs them. A wiring meltdown could also mean a short circuits and damage to the electronic control module

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  2. old man winter 2013

    Holy smokes, old man winter has taken hold! Even out here in Kommie Kalifornia, it is cold. If you have a diesel, notice how much better your vehicles runs in the cold weather. Dropping that air intake temp can increase your performance significantly. Yes, the same rules apply to a gas motor, but the diesel guys will also notice an increase in fuel mileage. So what can you do to keep that winter feeling even in the heat of the summer? Try using Thermaflect Sleeve as an intercooler pipe heat shield to start. Add a heat shield to your air intake system and air box. The nice thing about using a heat shield vs. a spray cooler, you don’t have to refill the bottle and they are easier to install. That’s it for Monday’s tip, now get to work!

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