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  1. SEMA Stress Relief

    SEMA show fun.It is a lot of work to get to and from SEMA for everyone. from builders to manufacturers, and even the TV Celebrities. We have had the honor and privilege or working with some of the best people in the industry, one such person is Kevin Tetz from TRUCKS! We consider Kevin Byrd and Kevin Tetz more family than anything else. With all the work it is great to have a little fun and stress relief, not sure if this was a relief for Tetz, but the rest of us had fun! We love you buddy. Hope you brought some extra underwear for the week!

    I think the favorite here is, get the defibrillator!

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  2. SEMA 2013 Re-Cap

    Wow soooo much SEMA goodness! It is great to be home, back to the grind, but we will definitely miss coming to work with all those bitchen cars everyday! Special thanks to Bay One Customs and FreestyleMX (good luck in the Baja Marc) for bringing such cool vehicles and being even cooler people! We had a great crew this year. We'd also like to thank the masses who showed up, stopped by out booth. The show is crazy and overwhelming, so the time you spend with us is greatly appreciated. There are soo many pics to show, so we will have some ammo for the social media, so stay tuned.

    Be sure to check out the new products officially launched at SEMA, the I-M Shields and the db Armor!

    Killer use of Lava Wrap by the Ring Brothers on Adrenaln (best Pantera we have ever seen)


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  3. A Little Hiatus

    It’s been a bit since our last update, but we have been grinding away working on a few projects. SEMA is coming together nicely and we may actually make it! Today we wanted to highlight a product, our Lava Boots! Lava Boots look a lot like the typical “heat socks”, with some big improvements. First they are made from basalt (crushed volcanic rock) so that makes them 25% stronger than their fiberglass counterparts. In addition we have a special boot that is a little bigger and longer than the standard ones, design for LS applications! So prevent misfires and serious engine damage with your Lava Boot’s, the cool spark plug boot shield.


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  4. Relief Pitcher

    Every so often on the road a life things don’t go quite as planned, and that is happen for the SEMA show. The turbo Harley is going to have to wait for next year (and we can’t wait to see it!!!), but we do have an outstanding relief pitcher stepping in its place! I can’t believe how strong our bullpen has become, we are honored to have Heatshield Products backed Maverick from the Freestyle MX tour in our booth! This is a side by side on steroids, and we have been keeping its driver Marc Burnett cool for years! So come by and check out this monster!


    Oh yeah, did we mention, it backflips?

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