1. Prelude to a Show Part 1

    Just a few very beta items fresh from the skunks works to be featured on some booth vehicles at the upcoming 2013 SEMA Show #turboheatshield for a killer #turboharley and a #rippsuperchargers heat shield cover! We can't wait to see the cars #thergarageinc and #rockstargarage.


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  2. It's Friday!!!

    It’s Friday!!!! It has felt like 3 weeks of Mondays here at Heatshield Products and we hope it hasn’t been happening to you. That brings us to the weekend, what do you have planned? Are you racing, watching football, going to the range to practicing your shooting skills or some combination of all 3? IF you are racing, good luck to you, and remember to stay cool in the heat of the battle! We love racing, and we love working with race teams to develop products, this is the next race car we are going to be sponsoring, thanks to Dave at #knfilters for the sneak peak!

    HP Racing's next team member

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  3. Lower Intake Temperatures

    We love feedback! And this is one killer review/opinion from a couple of guys who were helping us develop our Instant Muscle Shield for the 2011-2014 V6 Mustang. Here the test comments.

    "I was able to meet up with my son (FoolnYa) this afternoon and do a comparison test between our cars and the 'Heatshield Products Intake Cooler' Reflector. My son's car is a 2012 3.7 M6 with 3.73 gears, mine is exactly the same except for it is a 2011.

    Our cars both have BBK chrome long tube headers with O/R X-pipes, JLT plastic tube CAI's (mine is painted, his is plain). I have the BBK 73MM TB and Lone Wolf ported manifolds, he has a self ported stock TB and stock manifolds. My car has the Heatshield Products Cooler/Reflector, his does not.

    Both of our cars had been sitting overnight. We started the cars and drove about 5 miles of normal driving to get the cars up to full operating temperature. The outside air temperature was 84 degrees. We then pulled into a parking lot and opened the hoods and took 3 different readings. One reading was right above where the vacuum line from the brake booster

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