1. Prelude to a Show Part 1

    Just a few very beta items fresh from the skunks works to be featured on some booth vehicles at the upcoming 2013 SEMA Show #turboheatshield for a killer #turboharley and a #rippsuperchargers heat shield cover! We can't wait to see the cars #thergarageinc and #rockstargarage.


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  2. Lower Intake Temperatures

    We love feedback! And this is one killer review/opinion from a couple of guys who were helping us develop our Instant Muscle Shield for the 2011-2014 V6 Mustang. Here the test comments.

    "I was able to meet up with my son (FoolnYa) this afternoon and do a comparison test between our cars and the 'Heatshield Products Intake Cooler' Reflector. My son's car is a 2012 3.7 M6 with 3.73 gears, mine is exactly the same except for it is a 2011.

    Our cars both have BBK chrome long tube headers with O/R X-pipes, JLT plastic tube CAI's (mine is painted, his is plain). I have the BBK 73MM TB and Lone Wolf ported manifolds, he has a self ported stock TB and stock manifolds. My car has the Heatshield Products Cooler/Reflector, his does not.

    Both of our cars had been sitting overnight. We started the cars and drove about 5 miles of normal driving to get the cars up to full operating temperature. The outside air temperature was 84 degrees. We then pulled into a parking lot and opened the hoods and took 3 different readings. One reading was right above where the vacuum line from the brake booster

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