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  1. Eliminate Shock Fade with Heatshield Armor

    Let’s face it, heat can really put a damper on your fun. You're riding hard in your Polaris RZR only to have the right rear shock start to get a little spongy. The culprit is heat from the exhaust cooking the oil in the shock. Too much heat in the shock and the oil aerates, at which point the worn shocks no longer provide dampening as designed.

    We have developed the Heatshield Armor UTV Kit to fix the hot shock and hot air box/plenum problem that can affect some RZRs. It’s easy to use and apply, and Heatshield Armor will stop more heat than an exhaust wrap.

    Near the end of this installation video, you can see we measured the outside of the exhaust wrap at 500° Fahrenheit, compared with the outside temperature of the Heatshield Armor which is only 100°

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  2. Gain 17 Horsepower for Under $100 With I-M Shield!

    Who doesn't want an extra nearly 20 horsepower, and 10 extra pound-feet of torque? And what if that extra power cost less than $100, and could be installed in under an hour? Well, say hello to your new best friend: Heatshield Products I-M Shield™!

    I-M Shield simply attaches to the underside of the intake manifold via its specially formulated adhesive backing that can withstand temps to a sustained 300 degrees Fahrenheit. I-M Shield creates a thermal barrier between the intake manifold and the top of the engine, minimizing heat to the intake manifold. Even modern composite intakes are susceptible to heat soak, and the heat can raise the air temps inside the intake, costing horsepower and torque. By keeping intake air temps cooler, the computer is less prone to reducing ignition timing and/or increasing the air/fuel ratio, which decreases horsepower, torque and throttle response.

    On any modern electronic fuel injection engine, when a

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