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  1. Big-Block Chevy: Doomed Dinosaur or Immortal Classic Engine?

    Until the LS engine came out in the fall of 1996, getting big power and displacement in a Chevrolet engine meant a big-block over a small-block. Small-blocks at the time were just starting to reliably pass the 400ci mark, but the cost of a big-inch small-block was high. If you were building a serious car, that meant a big-block under the hood. Then when the LS arrived, the sun began to set on the venerable big-block Chevy.

    Recently, we were on the phone with a customer who has a big-block Chevy-powered car with large-diameter headers. He was tired of the work involved with removing the starter at least once a year because the headers kept cooking it. A simple fix was one of the more popular thermal barriers from Heatshield Products, the Lava Starter Shield™, and it typically doesn’t require removal of the starter for installation.

    Lava Starter Shield wraps around the

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  2. Is Anyone Else Tired of ’69 Camaros?

    The ’69 Camaro is one of the most iconic cars ever built in America. No probablies, maybes, perhaps, it’s one of the most iconic. Even the Ford an Mopar guys have to concede that. Thanks to a long run for the model year, over 200,000 ’69 Camaros were built, and their popularity has stayed stead and strong in the decades since. Today there are even new bodies being built, so you can build a totally brand new ’69 Camaro from scratch with no original parts.

    ABOVE: The 2018 Goodguys Street Machine of the Year, the Detroit Speed & Engineering 1969 Camaro "Tux". An amazing build with lots of subtle details and mods, but still an instantly recognizable, iconic '69 Camaro.

    Recently at the 2018 Goodguys PPG Nationals the title of Street Machine

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