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  1. PTM-3-31-14

    PTM – 3/31/14 – Well it’s petal to the metal Monday. Time to jump on into the week and get to work. We can’t believe it, but we just had to sign up for the 2014 #SEMAShow. Can’t believe it is already time to start to think about that. Well application submitted and we will see you in Vegas in November, but it’s time to focus on the now, roll up the sleeves, get to work, and hope that the caffeine makes it to the brain soon. Be sure to stay tuned for some installation videos headed your way soon and some new products are on their way. That’s it for now, hope you all have a great week.

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  2. TGIF-3-20-14

    TGIF-3-20-14 This week went quicker than a top fuel trip down the quarter mile. As we scramble to tie up some of the loose ends we invite those of you headed to the #NHDRA race this weekend at Bakersfield CA stop by the #KNFilters #Rocksta...rGarage trailer and check out the cool products on display, like your Cobra Skin Exhaust Wrap. For those of you headed off to race, we wish you luck, stay safe, and keep your cool with Heatshield Products. For those of you sticking around your house, be sure to investigate your garage or barn

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  3. Almost there 3-19-14

    Almost there…no not talking about the weekend. We are close to launching a couple of new products to keep you cooler. Speaking of the weekend, what do you have planned? Heatshield will be represented at the NHDRA stop at Bakersfield, CA this weekend. We will be a part of the #KNRockstar tour. If you are at the track stop on by, check out the products on display and the clever ways to use them. In fact here is a shot of part of the #KNfilters display with the Heatshield treatment on the air boxes. Using the Lava Shield or Cobra Shield is a great way to knock down air intake temps. You don’t have to refill anything to keep your intake cool, just shield it with the right product.

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  4. TDM-3-17-14

    Throttle Down Mondays -We hope the coffee kicks in and the brain starts working up to speed. Lots of events in the works. Hammering out some details for the K&N Filters/Rockstar tour wrapping things up so to speak. And headed full... throttle on some new products. Here is a sneak peek at a product we think will absolutely dominate. We are in the testing phase right now, and you will see a couple of articles on it shortly. in addition to keeping you cooler, it should be able to be installed on the vehicles, you shouldn't have to remove the part in most cases.


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  5. TGIF 3/14/14

    Progress is a good thing and this week here at Heatshield Products we have made some. We are stocked for JF Launier and his winning of the Ridler Award at Autorama. Stay tuned for some install videos of his build, be sure to follow the YouTube channel. We also made some progress on our display for the K&N/Rockstar tour. Our silencer heat shield did very well in its first round of beta testing, we are eagerly awaiting more feedback. Whether you are at the track, off the road, or at the range – We keep you cool.


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