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  1. Heatshield Products Across the Pond

    Controlling heat, improving performance and protecting components from heat knows no borders. The same heat issues we face in the U.S. are the same as those faced by fellow enthusiasts all over the world.

    We recently had a chance to visit Old Hall Performance (OHP), based in the Coventry area of the U.K. The company offers high-quality automotive performance products throughout the European market. It is also the primary outlet for our English cousins to get Heatshield Products exhaust insulation and thermal barriers for their rides and race cars. Established in 2005, OHP has built an arsenal of experience in the automotive aftermarket, from street performance to racing.

    Miles (background) and Guy (foreground) are the men on the ground for Old

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  2. Controlling Underhood Heat on a Jeep Wrangler 4.0 – Part I

    The Jeep 4.0L inline-six was the last true Jeep/AMC engine design before Chrysler bought everything and folded it into the Pentastar family. It was the final derivative of the old 4.2 inline-six and debuted in the 1987 model year. It’s last year in an American Jeep would be 2006, when the TJ Wrangler ended production. But you’re not here for a history lesson, so for the complete background on the 4.0L click HERE.

    What does this have to do with heat?

    The 4.0L is a massive hunk of cast iron American greatness. But all that cast iron means it’s a giant heat source under the hood, and once it gets hot it holds that heat for a while. And everything around it underhood soaks up all that heat, which can negatively affect performance, reliability, and component life. But with some application of Heatshield Products thermal barriers, the amoun

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  3. Keep Fuel Rails Cooler and Make More Power with FR Shields

    Fuel rails see a lot of exposure to radiated heat since they sit atop the engine, plus smaller engine compartments mean less airflow to help move heat out. Lower-profile hood lines and factory engine covers on modern cars can also trap heat, despite composite intakes, aluminum heads and aluminum blocks that dissipate heat faster. And hot gasoline hurts performance.

    As the temperature of fuel increases, it becomes more vaporous, and in a closed system it can build pressure that will cause fuel-flow irregularities, especially within the fuel rails. Hotter fuel is also less dense, so not as much fuel charge can be delivered to the cylinders, causing a potential lean issue that leads to detonation, making the computer to pull timing out of the ignition system to eliminate the detonation, which reduces horsepower. Want to know what reduced ignition timing does to power output? Just one degree removed from the engine’s normal programmed timing can equal a loss of 10-12 horsepower!

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  4. Heatshield Products Year in Review

    It was a busy 2017 for the Heatshield Products blog. We’ve posted lots of helpful how-to and tech blogs on our various products to help you solve your thermal and acoustic problems to improve reliability, increase horsepower and simply enjoy driving your hot rod or 4x4 more.

    We decided to do a Year in Review so you can find all of the useful things we covered in 2017 in one place for easy reference, and just in case you missed a blog or two along the way. And make sure to stay tuned, as we’re already gearing up to bring you even more informative, helpful, and entertaining blogs in 2018!

    Protect Fuel Hose, Wiring and Brake Lines from Heat

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  5. Keep Cool on Your Motorcycle Using Heatshield Products

    What’s more exhilarating then enjoying a cruise on your motorcycle? Feeling the wind across your body as you enjoy the freedom of the open road. Feeling the heat on the inside of your legs or your riding boots melting…well, not so much.

    Heat from the motorcycle engine can ruin your fun and cause performance and reliability issues. But this is preventable, especially when you use thermal barriers from Heatshield Products to keep ambient heat under control.

    Here are some simple ways to use our products:

    Exhaust Pipes

    ABOVE: Motorcycle exhaust pipes can be a huge ambient heat source. On top of that, if the pipes aren’t stylized/finished, they can end up looking nasty after constant exposure to the elements. Installing a high-quality exhau

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