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  1. Exhaust Gas Temps, Turbos, Turbo Shields and Making Power

    ABOVE: An unshielded turbo means you’re leaving a lot of horsepower and turbo efficiency on the table. Increased turbo lag, lower max boost and increased underhood heat are all negative effects of an unshielded turbocharger.

    You’ll see us talking up using Heatshield Products exhaust wrap and/or insulation to keep more heat in your exhaust system for multiple reasons. First is to cut down on the amount of heat the exhaust system radiates, which can increase underhood temperatures and interior heat; the exhaust pipes running under the floor will heat the floor and transmit that heat into the passenger cabin. Second, keeping more heat in the exhaust system helps increase performance, especially in turbocharged applications. You

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  2. Turbonetics 5th Gen Camaro Turbo Install Using Heatshield Products

    In a recent blog on thermal barriers and turbo systems, we talked about the different areas where thermal barriers can be employed when installing a turbocharger system to increase turbo performance, while at the same time reducing the effects of increased ambient heat on components near the turbo feed and exhaust piping.

    Following up on that, we thought it would be useful to share a recent story covering the installation of Turbonetics 50-state legal turbocharger system for the 2010-2015 5th Gen Camaro SS equipped with the LS3 that will be published in an upcoming issue of Car Craft magazine. In the story, you can see applications of various thermal barriers from Heatshield Products

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