1. Heatshield Products Makes This Yacht Safer, Cooler and Faster

    The fine vessel you see pictured here was worked on by David Mahler, the president of TCS Marine Services in Bellmore, New York, and his crew. David reached out to us recently to share his experience with installing a thermal barrier from Heatshield Products in the engine room. The high-performance Caterpillar Marine C-12 diesels powering the yacht had a special heat-resistant painted applied to their turbo lead pipes at the Caterpillar factory. After time, the paint had begun to chip off and was an eyesore, otherwise pristine million-dollar, ocean-going vessel. Plus when anyone had to work around the running engines or reach across them (something that happens frequently), the result was often painful burns to the arm and chest area, or, at the very least, some singed skin and hair.

    As David told us, “Marine engines need much more ‘hands on’ and literal laying-on-top-of care than with a car engine. So, keeping them clean and as cool as possible is cr

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  2. Protect Your Turbo and Intake System with the Lava Turbo Plug™

    We’re more than just heat-control specialists. At Heatshield Products, we put our passion for performance vehicles to work by proactively finding new ways to use our thermal-barrier materials. After recent discussions with our friends in the turbocharger market, we saw a need for a turbo plug.

    Why? Here’s something we see far too often: People will close off the turbo with a wadded-up shop rag or similar DIY hack. But this “solution” could create multiple problems. For starters, if the turbo is very hot, the rag could ignite and start a fire. Or, if the rag is forgotten, it could get sucked through the turbo and air intake when the engine starts up. And here’s the harshest reality of all: The rag method does NOTHING to keep out moisture or airborne debris, especially if the open turbo is on a vehicle or boat being towed on an open trailer. All these scenarios could cause catastrophic damage to the turbocharger, intake system or engine.

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