We’re more than just heat-control specialists. At Heatshield Products, we put our passion for performance vehicles to work by proactively finding new ways to use our thermal-barrier materials. After recent discussions with our friends in the turbocharger market, we saw a need for a turbo plug.

Why? Here’s something we see far too often: People will close off the turbo with a wadded-up shop rag or similar DIY hack. But this “solution” could create multiple problems. For starters, if the turbo is very hot, the rag could ignite and start a fire. Or, if the rag is forgotten, it could get sucked through the turbo and air intake when the engine starts up. And here’s the harshest reality of all: The rag method does NOTHING to keep out moisture or airborne debris, especially if the open turbo is on a vehicle or boat being towed on an open trailer. All these scenarios could cause catastrophic damage to the turbocharger, intake system or engine.

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