Nothing is better than a compliment from your peers. And while we don’t have a celebrity on our payroll, we do have a lot of endorsements from celebrities who have used and liked our product so much, they have wanted to help us out and spread the word. Man that’s cool, and we are blessed enough to work with some really amazing people. Another honor when you get calls from fellow high performance/racing company, especially ones considered to be the top of their field! In this case, we got a call from some of the guys over at Aeromotive on a twin turbo mustang build. After turning red with embarrassment after the compliments over our Lava Exhaust Wrap, they wanted to buy a set of T6 Lava Turbo Shields. So the shields are on their way, check out a sneak peak of this grocery getter! I wonder if they like us enough to let us test drive it when they are done?


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