We get a lot of questions here at Heatshield Products, what is the best way to wrap my exhaust or header? Do I need to soak my #exhaustwrap when I install it? The answer is whatever way you feel most comfortable. The most important thing is to take your time and make sure the wrap is tight on the pipe. For a lot of people, soaking will reduce the amount of fibers, making you less itchy allowing you to take your time and do a better job. From a personal standpoint, I’m not a soaker, soaking in a bucket will wash off coatings that need to be heat cycled to cure, soaking can cause up to a 25% loss of the coatings affecting performance and color. Perhaps the best solution is to use a spray bottle with water, wrap and spray as you go. This way you get the benefits of fewer fibers, some of the tackiness of a soak, and minimal loss of the coating! The biggest “Pro Tip” to wrapping a pipe we can offer, after wrapping 12-18”, go back and grab the wrap and twist it tight onto the pipe! If you soaked your wrap, you will

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