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  1. Heatshield Products Year in Review

    It was a busy 2017 for the Heatshield Products blog. We’ve posted lots of helpful how-to and tech blogs on our various products to help you solve your thermal and acoustic problems to improve reliability, increase horsepower and simply enjoy driving your hot rod or 4x4 more.

    We decided to do a Year in Review so you can find all of the useful things we covered in 2017 in one place for easy reference, and just in case you missed a blog or two along the way. And make sure to stay tuned, as we’re already gearing up to bring you even more informative, helpful, and entertaining blogs in 2018!

    Protect Fuel Hose, Wiring and Brake Lines from Heat

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  2. Winter Projects Using Heatshield Products Part One

    Winter is the perfect season for major automotive projects and improvements since the weather is often not conducive to cruising or driving your hot rod or muscle car on salty, icy roads. And while you’re working on a project is the perfect time to add Heatshield Products thermal barriers and acoustic barriers to your interior and engine compartment.

    Interior Work

    Having the interior out of the car for project work is a good time to install an acoustic barrier on your floorpan, footwell and firewall to block out unwanted heat and noise.

    The perfect time to add an acoustic barrier is while installing a new interior or removing the existing one for sheetmetal or wiring work.

    While t

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