It was a busy 2017 for the Heatshield Products blog. We’ve posted lots of helpful how-to and tech blogs on our various products to help you solve your thermal and acoustic problems to improve reliability, increase horsepower and simply enjoy driving your hot rod or 4x4 more.

We decided to do a Year in Review so you can find all of the useful things we covered in 2017 in one place for easy reference, and just in case you missed a blog or two along the way. And make sure to stay tuned, as we’re already gearing up to bring you even more informative, helpful, and entertaining blogs in 2018!

Protect Fuel Hose, Wiring and Brake Lines from Heat

Protecting what feeds and controls your engine and its accessories from heat damage is crucial for reliability and optimal function. Heat shields and thermal barriers from Heatshield Products are simple and effective ways to protect fuel lines, wiring, brake lines and other components from the negative effects of high temperatures.

How to Quiet the Interior of Your Hot Rod or Muscle Car

Winter is the time of year when most people park their hot rods and muscle cars, using the downtime to make upgrades and repairs. One of the best improvements you can make, especially if you’ve already removed the interior, is to add acoustic-barrier material from Heatshield Products to strategic areas of the interior.

Turbonetics 5th Gen Camaro Turbo Install Using Heatshield Products

In a recent blog on thermal barriers and turbo systems, we talked about the different areas where thermal barriers can be employed when installing a turbocharger system to increase turbo performance, while at the same time reducing the effects of increased ambient heat on components near the turbo feed and exhaust piping.

Control Heat to Improve Your Race Day

A new racing season will be here soon, which means being prepared for long days and weekends at the dragstrip, oval, road course, desert off-road or other form of race track. We’ve developed special products for racers that will give you an edge over the competition.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Fuel Cool at the Track

The fuel jug. Other than when you fill it up, how often do you think about it? Probably never, but consider this: Many folks have an open trailer and the fuel containers are in the bed of their pickup. That means the fuel jug is sitting in the sun, baking like roadkill on a Texas highway. The fuel gets hotter and more vaporous as it bakes, and, simply put, hot fuel hurts performance, while cool fuel helps performance.

Scenes from Easter Jeep Safari 2017

We're not just about bringing you the best thermal barrier products and how to use them here on the Heatshield Blog. We like to get out of the office and have some fun too, while seeing our products get some real world, rugged use! On the off-road scene, there are lots of areas where Heatshield Products can make your trail ride more enjoyable and trouble free.

Introducing Cold-Gold Shield™ – Great Heatshield Performance and Good Looks that Last!

The Cold-Gold Shield™ from Heatshield Products was specially designed to protect against and deflect radiant heat, as well as look like the kind of show-quality material you would see on a car in a prestigious competition, such as the Detroit Autorama Ridler award! And it’s designed to be easily cut with ordinary scissors. No matter what area or shape on the vehicle, or how tight the clearance is, you can install Cold-Gold Shield with minimum fuss.

Thermal Barriers You Need to Beat the Summer Heat

Thankfully summer will return soon, which means fun times cruising, going to car shows and/or off-roading. But along with sunny skies and great scenery comes heat. Controlling the heat that your car or truck makes with the right heat shields can avoid overheating, vapor lock and keep you a lot cooler and more comfortable inside your ride.

Protect Your Turbo and Intake System with the Lava Turbo Plug™

We’re more than just heat-control specialists. At Heatshield Products, we put our passion for performance vehicles to work by proactively finding new ways to use our thermal-barrier materials. After recent discussions with our friends in the turbocharger market, we saw a need for a turbo plug.

The Dung Beetle and Azn at SEMA 2017

Our pre-SEMA excitement started to build when we were able to officially announce having two of the stars (ok, probably three when you count the car!) of Street Outlaws appearing in our booth for the 2017 SEMA Show.

Heatshield Products Makes This Yacht Safer, Cooler and Faster

The fine vessel you see pictured here was worked on by David Mahler, the president of TCS Marine Services in Bellmore, New York, and his crew. David reached out to us recently to share his experience with installing a thermal barrier from Heatshield Products in the engine room.

5 Sound Deadening Myths

Here at Heatshield Products, we’ve heard just about every sound-deadener myth (and lie) there is. The heavier the deadener, the better. Two layers are better than one. The check’s in the mail. This blog post sets the record straight on the five most common myths.

Making an Intercooler Even Cooler with Heatshield Products

Adding boost is popular in the performance world. However, heat happens when air is compressed by either a turbo or supercharger. That’s why many turbo and blower systems have an intercooler to cool the compressed air before it enters the engine. If your intercooler is a water-to-air type with a reservoir tank, we’ll show you how to keep it even cooler for increased engine power.

Stick It! Thermal Barriers from Heatshield Products, Featuring Built-in Adhesive Backing

We’re betting that while you want a thermal barrier that controls heat, you don’t want to puncture the mounting surface or make any modifications in the process. Heatshield Products offers several thermal barriers with built-in adhesive backing for easy installation—and one that does not require cutting, modifying or spraying adhesive on anything.

Keep Cool on Your Motorcycle Using Heatshield Products

What’s more exhilarating then enjoying a cruise on your motorcycle? Feeling the wind across your body as you enjoy the freedom of the open road. Feeling the heat on the inside of your legs or your riding boots melting…well, not so much.

Ditch the Itch and Control the Heat with Heatshield Armor™

Fiberglass itch—that annoying byproduct of handling typical exhaust wraps or automotive thermal insulators. What could be more annoying? Seeing someone take up two parking spaces for one car? Celine Dion singing Christmas carols on your doorstep? Clowns?

Winter Projects Using Heatshield Products Part One

Winter is the perfect season for major automotive projects and improvements since the weather is often not conducive to cruising or driving your hot rod or muscle car on salty, icy roads. And while you’re working on a project is the perfect time to add Heatshield Products thermal barriers and acoustic barriers to your interior and engine compartment.