I-M Shield

What’s the best gift for the holidays? MORE POWER! And with I-M Shield you can give the gift of almost 20 more horsepower and pound-feet of torque for bargain basement pricing with our I-M Shield kit. And if you’re wondering just how good the results are, you can read about Vette Magazine’s test of the I-M Shield in real world conditions, or our own test using a 2010 Camaro SS. And the beauty is I-M Shields low cost means you’ll have something left over for a stocking stuffer or two!

HP Welding Jacket

If you’ve got a fabricator to do shopping for, one of our HP Welding Jackets is a gift that will keep on giving for a long time! Made from a rugged, high-temperature material that protects while being flexible enough to move around in and get the job done, HP Welding Jackets are made from our HP Weld Mat™, and is abrasion-resistant and impervious to liquid. The open-back design allows the welding coat to breathe while protecting the front and shoulders from slag.

NOMAR Carbon Fiber AN Wrenches

This is the gift that anyone who deals with AN fittings will thank you ecstatically for giving them. NOMAR wrenches are specially designed to not scratch, mar, or otherwise harm the special anodized finish on AN fittings used on race cars, boats, and other equipment. The unique Heatshield Products Carbon Core technology gives NOMAR™ wrenches the ability to take up to one and a half times the torque necessary to properly tighten the various sizes of AN fittings. And added bonus, every NOMAR™ wrench has a magnet built into it making them easy to store in any tool box or cabinet for easy access whenever they’re needed.

Thermaflect Sleeve

If you know someone building a car, truck, off-roader, or motorcycle, surprising them with some Heatshield Products Thermaflect Sleeve is sure to be a smash hit. Way better than an Xbox One, Thermaflect Sleeve will help shield wire bundles, fuel lines, hydraulic lines, and other important things from the damaging effects of excessive and constant ambient heat. And thanks to its integrated high-temperature hook & loop fastener system, Thermaflect Sleeve is super easy to install, equally non-laborious to remove if necessary, and is so flexible it can form to the curves and twists of lines and harnesses.

Lava Turbo Shield

Every Christmas tree should have a brand new turbo sitting under it, ready to spread joy and happiness to the blessed soul that owns the vehicle it’s going on. The gift of boost is a wonderful thing. But the gift of a turbo with no turbo shield? Hell, why not just give them socks and underwear to make a statement how little you think of them?!

Or you could demonstrate how awesome you are to that special person being blessed with the gift of boost by making sure they have the perfect accessory for that new turbo with a Lava Turbo Shield. Most kits don’t include a turbo shield, and the ones that do typically include a substandard shield that can’t take the heat and doesn’t last very long. A Lava Turbo Shield helps cut turbo lag, increase boost, and reduce underhood temps while also adding a trick, carbon fiber look underhood and to the turbo system.

Be awesome, give Lava Turbo Shield for Christmas!