Are you ready to face the challenges and opportunities of the week? We are! It’s go time Summer is weeks away and that means lots of Heatshield Products flying out the door. We are cranking up production to keep you cool. This Monday’s post is a product highlight. Heatshield Armor exhaust heat shield. NOTHING stops more heat from radiating up from the pipe. A couple of really cool things about Heatshield Armor – You can cut it easily with a heavy duty pair of scissors, leave a 1” air gap on the bottom of the pipe and still knock out more heat than an exhaust wrap, and for those complicated bends and shapes, cut wedges in it and clamshell the exhaust to go around curves. Did we mention it is water resistant and the outer armor layer rejects water? Check out the killer thermal images on the page…stay tuned for more thermal images to come!