Wow the weeks fly by but this one was a little ridiculous how quick it went. Granted we lost a day for a great reason, but still we lost a day in the blink of an eye. Because of the tight timeline, we haven’t had a chance to do an in depth post. So today it is a product highlight, Premium Exhaust Wrap. Our Premium Exhaust Wrap is the highest quality fiberglass wrap on the market. It features a tighter weave than the competition and has a higher temperature rating to, 1350F. The new proprietary coating allows us to make it in a real pure white (not off white) and a very deep black that actually keeps its color even after in service. The coating also allows the wrap to remain flexible and strong, even at 1350F. That’s right no more getting brittle and falling off your exhaust pipes. Check out the best exhaust wrap on the planet.