Fiberglass itch—that annoying byproduct of handling typical exhaust wraps or automotive thermal insulators. What could be more annoying? Seeing someone take up two parking spaces for one car? Celine Dion singing Christmas carols on your doorstep? Clowns?

Well, whatever might be more annoying, what you need is a thermal insulator to keep heat in the exhaust and out of the engine bay without giving you the itch. That’s why we came developed Heatshield Armor™ and Lava Header Armor™. These products control the heat without the use of fiberglass.

Heatshield Armor is the perfect thermal insulator for exhaust systems. It’s so simple to install–even easier than exhaust wrap—because it can be added to the pipes while they’re still on the vehicle. Heatshield Armor™ cuts radiant exhaust heat by up to 70 percent, thanks to its specially formulated, fiberglass-free (itch-free!) BioCool™ thermal-barrier inner pad that’s bonded to a heavy-duty foil outer layer. Because it can withstand continuous 1,800 degrees F, it can remain in direct contact with exhaust piping without issue. And unlike standard exhaust wraps, Heatshield Armor™ won’t smoke during the first heat cycles.

Lava Header Armor uses the same BioCool™ thermal-insulator layer as Heatshield Armor™, so no worries about itchy skin while handling and installing it. The difference is that the outer layer of Lava Header Armor™ is made from our proprietary volcanic rock-based Lava Shield™ material to keep heat inside the exhaust and header pipes, while also providing a stylish, carbon-fiber look. Unlike how exhaust wrap gets wrapped around each individual header pipe, Lava Header Armor™ is a single layer of material that wraps around all of the primary tubes on one header. This makes for easy installation, even with the headers installed. Plus, it won’t void most header warranties. Like Heatshield Armor™, it can take a constant 1,800 degrees F of heat and won’t smoke during the first heat cycles. It can also be removed when necessary then reinstalled.

With either of these products, you won’t have to worry about maddening itchy skin afterward, or having to wrap yourself up like a hazmat worker before handling the material.