back in the groove

  1. First TV Segment

    Happy Friday everyone! Dug into the way back machine, found our first TV show we did. #KevinByrd and #BryanFuller killed it. We enjoy helping Byrd out with Sacrilege, great use of Heatshield Armor and HP Sticky Shield to fit a hot motor in a tight spot. Loved Fuller with the torch. #TwoGuysGarage

    [embed=videolink]{"video":" ","width":"330","height":"186"}[/embed]

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  2. Get Into Gear

    How was your Thanksgiving? Did you eat too much? Did your team win? Well it's time to shake off the holiday hangover and kick it into gear here at Heatshield Products. We have one month to go 2013, and we want to keep this record setting year going. We are busy busy behind the scenes with some killer new products that should be released on 2014 and a few new tools to help you find the right products in the skunk works. So we are powering down that coffee, rolling up the sleeves and getting to work on some new exhaust wraps and heat shields for your ride.


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