Ok, it’s time to install the turbo kit, centrifugal blower or new exhaust system on your car or truck. Let’s make sure you’ve got everything: Tools, check. Parts, check. Heatshield Armor™…how could you forget Heatshield Armor™?!

Heatshield Armor™ Should be on Your List Before You Get Started

Turbos and blowers make power, but most of them also generate a great deal of heat. A turbocharger is integrated into the exhaust system, making it an extremely hot spot. On centrifugal blower kits like those from Vortech or ProCharger, even though the blower itself is driven by the engine, all the system’s intake piping is in/near the engine and radiator, which means more heat exposure. Using turbo heat shields controls that heat, keeping it inside the system for more power and out of the engine bay, where it c

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