The fuel jug. Other than when you fill it up, how often do you think about it? Probably never, but consider this: Many folks have an open trailer and the fuel containers are in the bed of their pickup. That means the fuel jug is sitting in the sun, baking like roadkill on a Texas highway. The fuel gets hotter and more vaporous as it bakes, and, simply put, hot fuel hurts performance, while cool fuel helps performance.

The HP Cool Can Shields™ from Heatshield Performance are designed to fit around standard round and square fuel jugs. They significantly reduce the heating effect of solar energy on the jug and the fuel inside, and also protect the jug from UV rays, which can degrade the plastic material and shorten its lifespan by as much as 50 percent. The HP Cool Can Shields are easy to remove from the jug when it’s time to

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