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  1. 5 Sound Deadening Myths

    Here at Heatshield Products, we’ve heard just about every sound-deadener myth (and lie) there is. The heavier the deadener, the better. Two layers are better than one. The check’s in the mail.

    So, it’s time for us to set the record straight on the five most common myths:

    Sound-deadening material has to be heavy and thick in order to work well. This simply isn’t true! Heatshield Products makes decreasing the unwanted sound and noise in your hot rod, classic car or off-road vehicle easier than you might think! We focus on the science of reducing unwanted sound and noise inside a vehicle, not simply applying the heaviest material possible to suppress vibration. For example, db Armor™ is 20 percent lighter than competing damping sheets, yet is three times more effective at decreasing sound and noise!

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  2. How to Quiet the Interior of Your Hot Rod or Muscle Car

    Winter is the time of year when most people park their hot rods and muscle cars, using the downtime to make upgrades and repairs. One of the best improvements you can make, especially if you’ve already removed the interior, is to add acoustic-barrier material from Heatshield Products to strategic areas of the interior to gain a quiet ride in the warmer months.

    The quiet confines of new cars and trucks have left us pretty spoiled when it comes to noise intrusion, something that becomes readily apparent when going from a modern car to a classic car or truck. This “awareness” of noise is amplified if you’ve got a performance-oriented vehicle with aftermarket exhaust, or engine and suspension mods, which increase noise as well. Although a stiffer suspension typically increases handling prowess and ability, it also means more acoustic noise is being transmitted to the body and passenger compartment.

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